Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Proffesor Hamo and his baby Mama Jemutai comedean stirred mixed reactions on social media after posting a photo together from the coastal region.

The PDA and the “iko love” air is out of this word not failing observe what seemed to be a baby bump in Jemutai’s bowel. Could she be pregnant again??

A photo of Hamo and Jemutai(courtesy;twitter)

A few months ago the two were seen to be in cold fight after Jemutai accused professor Hamo of being a deadbeat father to their two kids where Jemutai claimed Hamo had visited them once,at 3 in the morning with only 2 Oreos for the kids before they took to social media to air their grievances that landed Jemutai a Oreo Grand Ambassador.

Jemutai in an Oreo section as an Oreo Ambassador(courtesy;twitter)

“No one perfect,we already have 2 kids together and none is better to take care of the kids than their own biological Father ,he apologized and we both had flaws,so it was only a matte of,another chance another chapter ” said Jemutai after they made up

“I know we’ve been through alot but its not how we started, but how we finish that matters,it took time for you to be believe that I wanted my family to be togethr and happy,its still work in progress but is a start. I can build a house,you’ll definitely make it a home” wrote prof Hamo on Instagram to Jemutai

could they be pregnant for the third child??

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