Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The “Lying Down Contest” has entered the 20th day, with participants competing for the title of the “laziest Citizen” In a satirical competition held annually at a holiday resort in northern Montenegro,

Seven participants lying on mats are contending for the prestigious title of the “Most Indolent Citizen,” having already surpassed the previous record.

Participants competing for the “laziest Citizen”(Photo Courtesy :CNN)

Last year’s event in the resort village of Brezna saw a record of 117 hours of continuous lying down, but this year’s competition has now reached its 20th day, with the remaining contenders showing unwavering determination.

Dubravka Aksic, the 2021 champion, expressed that all participants are feeling excellent without any health issues.

“They are being well taken care of, and their sole task is to remain in a reclined position.”

The contest was initiated in Montenegro 12 years ago as a playful response to a prevalent stereotype that portrays Montenegrins as lazy, as explained by Radonja Blagojevic, the event organizer and resort owner.

Out of the initial group of 21 contestants, only seven have endured for a remarkable 463 hours under the rules, which strictly prohibit standing or sitting .

However rules only allow only 10 minutes every eight hours for toilet breaks.

Additionally, Competitors are allowed to read and use electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops.

Filip Knezevic, a 23-year-old participant from Mojkovac in the north, expressed confidence in securing victory and claiming the 1,000-euro prize, noting that they have everything they need and enjoy fantastic company, which makes the time pass quickly.

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