Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Siaya County police are currently probing the enigmatic demise of a middle-aged Boda boda operator, whose lifeless body was discovered within a pit latrine close to St. Pantaleon Catholic Parish in Siaya town.

The man’s body was found submerged in a pool of blood. This leading to suspicions that he might have been the victim of a murder carried out by unidentified individuals, with the body subsequently concealed inside the pit latrine.

Cleti Kimaiyo, the Siaya County Police Commander, revealed that the body, bearing severe cuts across the head, was stumbled upon by Alex Owino Okong’o, who promptly raised an alarm before the authorities arrived at the scene.

photo courtesy(fb)

Kimaiyo conveyed that the unidentified body was transported to Siaya County Referral Hospital mortuary for postmortem examination and identification.

He further indicated that investigations into the shocking murder incident had commenced.

“At the scene, the officers were unable to ascertain the identity of the Boda boda rider. Ongoing investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations will be communicated as developments unfold,” stated Mr. Kimaiyo.

Addressing the escalating insecurity in Siaya County, the newly appointed police commander assured the public that every possible measure would be taken to address the situation.

Kimaiyo further said that a comprehensive deployment plan had been devised, involving officers patrolling throughout the county to bolster security, particularly during the festive season.


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