Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

A rubber padded running track, was unveiled in Rwanda Kigali City, to aid fitness of her people who goes running.

The track is about 2.4 Kilometers long and is situated at the Nyarutarama-based Kigali resort , the heart beat o Kigali City.

The painted Green special lane is inlaid with synthetic rubber that will protect users from injuries while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The track features a soft synthetic rubber surface, ensuring a safe, and comfortable environment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

According to Kigali Vice Mayor, Merard Mpabwanamguru, the introduction of the special running track lane marks an important step in enhancing the city’s sports infrasrtucture.

“The track has the potential to improve talent and revolutionize Rwanda’s sporting experience, putting our Country on the map for future international athletic competitions” Said Mpabwanamguru.

He, therefore, urged the residents to make use of the tract during their training and practice sessions

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