Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Aha, so I hear Omosh, the famous actor in Tahidi High has become too poor that he cannot afford rent. And companies and individuals have run to make a name for themselves by hitting the news headlines. While it is very sad for anyone to be in such a situation, a lot of questions can be raised in this story. Let’s evaluate this situation.

Why is he supposedly poor? With over a decade of regular income, however much it was, by now he and his family should be financially stable. There are many Kenyans who earn less and have more needs than he does. With his very good talent in acting, why hasn’t he been able to get more opportunities in the growing entertainment industry? Is it not a lack of proper planning and financial management on his part?

Where was his family all this time? Where were the wife and kids during his numerous interviews? Is it out of shame of poverty or out of abandonment for his failure to provide caused by his not-so-good lifestyle? Didn’t the wive(s) also have sources of income they could have helped him with? And what about his sisters and brothers? Why didn’t they continue helping him in his troubles?

Now, knowing his weaknesses, why did these donors opt to just build him a house and give him money? With his lifestyle, won’t he just plunder the money? Is that the best way to help a person with his condition? Were these well-wishers helping him for who he is to benefit him or for who they are to benefit themselves and market themselves? Did you hear how they made sure to mention their names and use branded hoodies and t-shirts during the interviews?

We all face our own weaknesses and I am happy that people are willing to help each other. But for Omosh, he is not a victim of circumstance but of personal choices and the way he was helped was a bullshit attempt of a pathetic show of charity, motivated by self-interests by most of those individuals and companies.

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