Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza(fb)

Meru County Members of County Assembly (MCAs) are gearing up to present a notice of motion for the impeachment of Governor Kawira Mwangaza next week.

This process will be marking the initiation of the governor’s second impeachment process after the MCAs had tried to impeach her earlier.

The effort is led by Deputy Speaker Mwenda Ali and the Minority Leader, who assert that this time they have substantial grounds to remove Mwangaza from office.

Governor Mwangaza previously survived impeachment in December 2022. This was when an 11-member Senate Special Committee tasked with investigating the charges brought against her by Meru MCAs found no conclusive evidence to support the allegations.

One of the MCAs stated on Monday,

“As things stand, members are convinced that we have sufficient grounds for the impeachment motion, and in a few weeks, you will witness us taking the necessary steps.”

Manipulative leadership

The MCAs accuse the governor of using her gender to manipulate her public image and create a perception that the MCAs are biased against her.

They point to recent incidents, such as a meeting with President William Ruto, where the governor allegedly assembled around 4,000 women and provided them with green wraps to show support for her.

Additionally, the MCAs note that Mwangaza gathered 500 women and had them wear green headscarves to express support during the launch of a market in Meru, where Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria was present.

One of the female MCAs clarified, “We are not opposing her because she is a woman, but rather because she is a governor who has failed in her duties. She was elected as a woman, but this is primarily a matter of leadership.”

They perceive these actions as attempts to divert attention from the genuine issues affecting Meru County.

During their previous impeachment efforts, Meru MCAs presented 62 allegations against Mwangaza, including charges of

  • nepotism,
  • irregular appointments,
  • abuse of office,
  • gross violations of the constitution
  • other county laws.

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