Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

A fresh source of trouble aiming at impeaching the Governor, has emerged that has the potential to reignite political tensions within Kiambu county.

This happens months after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s meeting with the Kiambu legislators aimed at preventing Governor Kimani Wamatangi’s impeachment.

Kiambu Members of County Assembly (MCAs) are now leveling accusations against the governor Wamatangi.

Alleging a dictatorial leadership style, poor governance, and an inability to effectively oversee the county’s development.

The MCAs are pointing out that Wamatangi is operating as a lone operator, finding it challenging to collaborate with other leaders.

Therefore, neglecting the inclusion of key stakeholders in decision-making processes, and observing slow progress in infrastructure projects at the local level.

These concerns were voiced by a section of MCAs during a press conference held at the county assembly on Monday.

A section of Kimabu MCAs during a press briefing on Monday (photo by Citizen Digital)

Adding to the conflicts, the governor’s failure to fully assemble his government for efficient service delivery, even a year after assuming office, has exacerbated tensions between the county assembly and the executive branch.

Led by Ruth Waithera, Member of Assembly for Githiga Ward, the MCAs criticized Wamatangi for not submitting the names of chief officers for assembly approval.

This situation has led to collaborations with individuals from the previous administration of Governor James Nyoro.

Resignation of workers

A notable vacancy within Wamatangi’s administration is the county secretary position, vacant since the resignation of Martin Njogu several months ago.

Although the specific reasons for Njogu’s departure were not detailed, the MCAs suggest that strained relations between him and the governor played a role.

The trend of resignations has continued, including that of Biabiane Waiganjo, who held the role of county executive committee member for education.

Waiganjo cited harsh and oppressive working conditions as her reason for resigning after only two months in the role.

Other officials like Gibson Mburu, the county’s chief of staff, and Samuel Mugo and Daniel Njenga, responsible for roads in the county, have also stepped down.

The vacancies left by these resignations have caused frustration among MCAs, who accuse Wamatangi of unilateral decision-making.

Incompetence and unused funds.

Despite the establishment of municipalities like Juja, Kabete, Lari, Kahawa Sukari, Githunguri, and Gatundu earlier in the year, the MCAs have raised concerns about the lack of substantive boards to govern these areas.

This issue, places the county’s Ksh. 1.8 billion, from the World Bank’s Kenya Urban Support Program at risk.

The MCAs have additionally criticized Wamatangi for not formalizing agreements with casual workers, who reportedly face irregular termination following intimidation.

They claim that the governor has failed to provide evidence of significant projects undertaken during his time in office, apart from distributing chicks and fertilizer to farmers.

Karuri MCA Peter Njoroge Wainaina alleges that the governor has been undermining elected MCAs by utilizing members of his Wamatangi Foundation to replace them in administrative roles.

Furthermore, Njoroge asserts that only Ksh. 400 million (8.2 percent) of the 4.88 billion shillings allocated for county development in the previous fiscal year has been utilized as of April.

This mismanagement could potentially lead to the return of unspent funds, to the National Treasury.

The majority leader of the assembly, Godfrey Mucheke, a supposed ally of Wamatangi, has been removed from his position.

The MCAs assert that unless the governor addresses these issues, they will not hesitate to pursue his removal from office.

Governor Wamatangi, in response, asserts that he will not be swayed by the demands of corrupt individuals.

He claims that the conflicts within the assembly are part of a larger plot orchestrated by his political rivals, who oppose his leadership style and stature.

Addressing residents of Gatundu during a chick distribution event, Wamatangi argues that his adversaries are manipulating Ward representatives as pawns in their scheme to discredit him.

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