Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Students of Kabarak University took to the streets on Sunday to express their discontent following the tragic death of a fellow student in an accident involving a police van.

The deceased, was a first-year Pharmacy student at Kabarak University, as confirmed by both police and students.

The incident, documented at Menengai Police Station under OB no. 02/19/11/2023, transpired along the Nakuru-Ravine highway at approximately 9 pm on Saturday.

Witnesses recounted that the driver of the vehicle, reported to be a police van with government registration plates, lost control after bypassing a speed bump and collided with the student.

Upon the impact, the student was swiftly transported to the school’s sanatorium, where he was declared dead shortly after arrival.

According to a witness, the student attempted to evade the approaching vehicle, but the collision was unavoidable, resulting in a severe impact.

The driver allegedly fled the accident scene, prompting the intervention of police officers from Mang’u Police Station, led by the OCPD.

The OCPD assured the students of a thorough investigation and expressed gratitude for their peaceful demonstration. Additionally, the OCPD confirmed the detention of the implicated vehicle and ongoing investigations.

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In response, the Kabarak University Students Organization (KUSO) issued a statement extending condolences to the family on behalf of the student body.

The statement condemned the perceived recklessness and negligence leading to the tragic loss and emphasized the commitment to pursuing justice through the ongoing investigation at Menengai Police Station under OB no. 02/19/11/2023.

The deceased student’s body was transferred to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital Mortuary.

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