Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

A family Baringo Valley in Nakuru County is facing anguish after their sixth-grade son went missing on Saturday.

The boy, accompanied by his sisters while cutting grass, reportedly declared that he intended to vanish and never return.

Subsequently, on that fateful day, he had gone a short distance to fetch milk jerrycans but failed to come back.

Despite waiting in anticipation, the family received no sign of his return. Described as consistently reserved by his parents, James Gikonyo and Susan Wangoi, the boy’s disappearance has raised concerns among the local community.

Village elders and other residents have reported the incident to the police station, urging anyone with information to contact the authorities, chiefs, village elders, or the nearest police station.

The distressed family has also reached out to all relatives, but their efforts to locate the missing boy have proved futile thus far.


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