Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
Imarisha M-banking logo

Are you a farmer, a business person or even a salaried one and you need an account with the Imarisha Sacco?

Sacco’s have been rated the most effective saving and credit cooperatives compared to banks. Imarisha Sacco is among the list. It is the leading Sacco now in Kenya offering services to its customers.

Here are some details on what you should have before visiting the Imarisha premises the actualize the Account.

  • KRA pin
  • National ID
  • Ksh500.
  • Passport size photograph.

There are many accounts at Imarisha that you could be interested;

  1. Savings Account– In this account, you use it to save and withdraw your money anytime anyway you want. You could use it to apply for a loan.
  2. Fixed deposit Account– In this account, deposits are fixed for a certain period to earn interest. The minimum period is 1 Month and the minimum amount to be deposited is 20,000.
  3. Parrot Account– This is a children’s account where you save on their behalf for mainly school fees purposes. The minimum opening balance is 1,000 and earns up to 5,000 interest. Withdrawals can only be made 3 times annually.
  4. Share drive account– This is an account where a member builds a non-withdrawable deposit and earns a predetermined annual interest rate of 20%. After 5 years the deposits will be transferred to the member’s share capital.
  5. FOSA senior citizen Account– This product is meant to cushion a member against the period when one has stopped receiving salary upon retirement.
    • In this account one must have opened a FOSA account
    • Monthly minimum contributions of Ksh500
    • Non-withdrawable deposit until retirement.

You could now make a choice of which account to go for.

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