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Did you know you can make money by being o You Tube. Many people are now earning a good sum of money through You Tube. Here is how;

  • First you must have a google account.
  • Sign in to You Tube using your Mobile phone or a computer
  • Click on your profile pic
  • then click on create a channel
  • Check your details and your channel is ready.

Getting started

First of all, upload your video. Add a tittle and a description. make sure to be accurate and keep them short.

Two, choose the up loader thumbnail. These are very important because they are the marketing posters to your video simply because not everyone will read your tittle. Choose an image that fits well to represent your Video.

How it all work.

Watch time.

Watch time is the amount of time that the viewer will take while watching your video

What will make your video pick up and attract more viewers?. mostly it is the watch time. Make sure your video is long enough to get the viewers satisfied with your content. The longer the viewers watch, the better. Because this will help them recommend other viewers to watch your content.

This will help a great deal ,in that, the more people they watch, the more they subscribe if they like your content.

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Subscribers the the viewers who want to see more or your content and get notified when you up load a new video. They do so by hitting the subscribe button on your channel.

They are really important to your growth because they will spend more time watching your videos.

How to earn on You Tube

Once you have 1000 subscribers and 40,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months, you could apply for the YouTube Partner Program. That’s when you could start earning

So, grab your chance now and start making cool videos about your areas of interest and employ your own self.

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