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Credit Reference Bureau(CRB) is a government organization that keeps tract, on the behavior of someone with a loan.

“It enables lenders (Banks and mobile lenders) to deal with non-perming loans and reduce the loan default risk”

There are 2 types of listings that you might one to check on, on CRB

  • Positive listing_ This means that the loan taken is in service and that the loan repayment is ongoing and consistent.
  • Negative listing_ This means that the loan went default. Loan payments were stopped and not paid

When to submit a Negative listing to CRB

If you took a loan from a bank, it will take it 90days after you default, and 30 days for mobile lenders to notify you to pay their loan.

Thereafter, they will forward your information for listing in the CRB .

There are CRBs licensed by the Central Bank Of Kenya to collect, manage and share financial information. They include

  • TransUnion(CRB Africa)
  • Metropol Corpotration
  • CreditInfo


This how you check your CRB status at TransUnion

  1. First you need to register by sending your full names to 21272. The SMS charges Ksh.19. Alternatively, you should download the TransUnion Nipashe App and on the Ksh.19.
  2. You are thyen ask to enter your ID number.
  3. Choose credit status
  4. You’ll then receive your CRB status. If it comes as good, it means you aren’t blacklisted and if youb receive default, then it means you are blacklisted.

Metropol Corporation

Here is how to check you status at Metropol Corporation

  1. First you have a registration fee of Ksh.50 to paybill number 220388, then enter your ID number as the account number.
  2. After registration, you’ll get an SMS with a unique pin, a reference number, and a special link.
  3. You then dial *433# and put your unique pin. You’ll then receive your CRB status of Good or Default. Alternatively, you could visit the Metropol Website, Login, and check your status.
Metropol Logo Corporation(fb)


To your status on Creditinfo, you have to fill in, their request form online. After which you follow prompts to check your status.

Chances of getting listed by the CRB are very high if one fails to pay back the loan(s). Its always advisable to clear the loan or negotiate terms with your lender, to avoid defaulting.

Upon listed, you have to clear the loan and clear with CRB, so as to getting out of the list.

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