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houses that fights Malaria
Star Homes Project House(By BBC NEWS)

Story by BBC NEWS

A group of people from Tanzania, Denmark and the United Kingdom, during a research program, in Southern Tanzania, finds out that poor families from that region were largely affected by Malaria.

In their project called The Star Homes Project,they found out that a third of the children from that region had malaria, something that triggered them to think of a way to avoid the disease.

Malaria is deadly disease that affects everyone especially children below 12 ,and chronic ones could cause deaths.

It is transmitted by an anopheles mosquito that, when it bites someone with the disease it carries it and infects the next person it bites.

A Mosquito(TWITTER)

Star Homes found out that traditional homes are poorly ventilated and hence it is difficult to sleep inside the mosquito nets because of the heat at night.

Additionally, Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 that we breath out. And because of the poor ventilation, the CO2 doesn’t rush outside but concentrates inside.

Therefore, the Mosquitoes attacks largely at night when one is soundly asleep.

Mosquitoes tend to fly low, and when they fly high, they are flown by the wind and they are often eaten by bats.

This, therefore, gave them,( Star Homes Project) an idea of constructing two storey buildings for the residents.

This houses are referred to as Star Homes and they partnered with Danish Architecture firm Ingvartsen to design this houses.

Salum Mshamu , Star Homes Project manager said that, his vision to see every family living in healthier house.

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How the house works.

  • Since this houses are high, bedrooms are on the top floor .
  • This houses are well ventilated, meaning, its more cooler, therefore one can sleep comfortably inside a mosquito net. Also CO2 is more dispersed thus not attracting Mosquitoes.

There are than 110 Star homes in that region and the occupants were selected through lottery.

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