Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has strongly criticized South African opposition leader Julius Malema for his recent condemnation of President William Ruto.

During a church service at St. Thomas Girls Secondary School in Kilifi on Saturday, DP Gachagua rebuked Malema for interfering in Kenya’s political matters, referring to him as someone who thinks he knows everything.

Gachagua urged Malema to refrain from meddling in the politics of other nations and concentrate on his own country.

Gachagua continued to chastise Malema for disrespecting the Kenyan Head of State and advised him to focus on addressing the issues in South Africa, which Gachagua claimed had more pressing problems.

The Deputy President highlighted Malema’s silence on power rationing during his recent visit to South Africa, emphasizing the importance of respecting leaders and refraining from interference in foreign politics.

Furthermore, Gachagua suggested that tourists visiting Kenya should stick to enjoying their planned activities and avoid getting involved in the political affairs of the host nation.

He emphasized the need for neighboring leaders to respect the sovereignty of other countries and not criticize their leaders during visits.

South Africa’s Opposition Leader Julius Malema(fb)

The criticism comes in response to Malema’s remarks made during his visit to launch the Pan African Institute at Lukenya University.

He questioned President Ruto’s commitment to fulfilling promises made during the 2022 General Election, noting a perceived disparity between Ruto’s words and actions.


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