Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Pastor Dorcas Rigathi (fb)

In a bid to accelerate the recovery of children grappling with alcohol and drug addiction, Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has issued a challenge to parents.

During a football tournament in Kiambu, Pr. Dorcas, urged parents to embrace and accept their children, emphasizing that love and understanding are crucial for their healing.

Dorcas emphasized that stigmatizing and condemning these children would only push them further away from recovery.

She further acknowledged that drug addiction and alcoholism are indeed diseases, and instead of condemnation, understanding and support are necessary to help individuals overcome them.

The second Lady also, shared that her office is actively involved in rehabilitating addicts through inpatient and outpatient programs.

While highlighting the importance of eliminating stigma, Dorcas encouraged parents not to be ashamed if their child is struggling with substance abuse.

She called upon parents, society, and the community to come together to support and validate the dreams of these individuals.

“Rejecting the children is not the solution”. Said Pr. Dorcas stressing that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this generation does not get lost.

The football tournament served as a platform where individuals in recovery from drug and substance abuse, as well as alcoholism, came together.

They received technical training and counseling, fostering their journey towards a better future and away from drugs.

Kiambu Sub County DCC, Titus Macharia, acknowledged the progress made in combating alcoholism within the region.

He attributed the success to the collaborative efforts between the administration and the community.

Macharia further emphasized that sobriety among the people is essential for them to truly benefit from the government’s initiatives, and he proudly stated that the consumption of illicit brews in Kiambu has significantly reduced.

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