Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Deputy President William Ruto is currently attending a Thanksgiving Church Service at A.I.P.C.A St Lorent, Angaine Church Timau ,Buuri Constituency in Meru County where he’s accompanied by Meru Senator,Minthika Lenthuri and several law makers from around the region and outside.

While urging the Christians to support his Hustler Narrative,Dp Ruto said that the bottom up economy he is pushing for, is is biblical claiming that for a God fearing Nation as Kenya, its just fair to help improve the lives of Kenyans upwards starting with the less fortunate.

The Deputy President said that He’s proud to have made some other politicians to start going to church because it seems that they have seen him growing and glowing in all aspects and came in to try and get such favors, sentiments that are seen to be directed to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

“Welcome them to church ,even if its for political intentions. So that we all find our way to Heaven.for if it wasn’t for me to be a constant Church goer,would they have come to Church?” boosted DP Ruto.

The A.I.P.C.A,church doesn’t seem to be in agreement with other Churches including Anglican Church Of Kenya and Catholic Churches through their Bishops Jackson Ole Sapit and Anthony Muheria consecutively, who agreed not to entertain politics in Churches claiming that politicians are using churches for their own political ambitions .

“We love you and we are with you in your journey. We support your politics especially in Church and we’ll not shy away in supporting you politically.My church members love you and will support you because you’ve helped, us together with president Kenyatta when we were in need” Archbishop A.I.P.C.A, Samson Muthuri to the DP William Ruto

In a bid to show their loyalty, MPs accompaning, led by Area MP Mugambi Rindikiri said they are right behind the DP and that Meru County is leading in UDA party registration .

“We are with a child in our bowels, and that child is DP Ruto and it seems everyone in kenya is so, “Machakos Town MP Victor Kioko Munyaka.

Machakos Town MP Victor Munyaka(courtesy FB)

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