Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

An airplane ferrying 72 people crashes in Central Nepal on Sunday morning. The country’s state media, The Rising Nepal, reported.

On board, were 4 crew members and 68 passengers. The ATR-72 plane operated by Nepal’s Yeti Airlines, as reported by The Rising Nepal.

At least 30 bodies have been recovered so far.

According to the airport authorities, of the 72 passengers onboard including the crew members, 53 were Nepali citizens and five were Indian, four were Russian, two South Korean, one Irish, one each from Argentina, Australia and France.

The airport authorities said that they are still looking for survivors.
Chief District Officer, Tek Bahadur KC of Kaski district confirmed that dead bodies of 30 passengers have been recovered so far.

The Aircraft was flying from the capital of Kathmandu to Pokhara, a 192 Kilometers West of the Country’s Capital.

Nepal’s plane crash(fb)

Nepal is the home to eight Himalayan world’s 14 highest Mountain, including the Mt. Everest. However, it has a record of air accidents. This is so because, weather changes rapidly.

Last May, a Tara Air flight carrying 22 passengers crashed into Himalayan mountain at an altitude of about 14,500 feet becoming the 19th Plane to crash in the Himalayan Mountains in 10 years.

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