Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
Images of the humanoid robots(by BBC)

Amazon, the retail behemoth, has initiated a trial program by introducing humanoid robots at one of its warehouses in the United States, in an effort to streamline its operations.

As reported by the BBC, these robots possess the capability to maneuver in various directions, including walking backward, forward, sideways, and even crouching.

Furthermore, they are equipped with arms capable of lifting and relocating packages, containers, customer orders, and other items.

According to Amazon the move was about “freeing employees up to better deliver for our customers”.

Nonetheless, Stuart Richards, a representative from a UK trade union, expressed concerns that Amazon has been subjecting its employees to a robotic work environment for a significant period and is apprehensive about potential job losses due to the introduction of these humanoid robots.

“Amazon’s automation is a head-first race to job losses. We’ve already seen hundreds of jobs disappear to it in fulfilment centres,” said Stuart.

Nevertheless, a video showcasing these robots in action elicited a variety of responses from workers on various organizations, with some expressing concerns about the impact of AI on future job prospects.

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