Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
A Mexican man marries a crocodile(fb)

A Mexican Mayor has married a crocodile in a fancy weeding attended by thousands of people who wanted to witness this unusual happening.

According to the aged long traditions of the Mexicans, its believed that the marriage will bring about a good rainy season and bounty harvest.

The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, said he married then female crocodile to ‘bring good fortune to his people’.

“We love each other dearly.” Said the mayor

However, the reptile’s mouth was tied tight. Was there doubts that she will turn her back on the love of her life and eat him or the visitors attending their weeding?

Additionally, the crocodile was married in a white weeding where she wore a white long weeding gown that even most women around the world haven’t had a chance to wear

The groom is said to have be heartbroken six times by women before finally deciding to settle for the female crocodile.

The reptile, better known as Alicia Adriana , is believed to be a deity representing the Mother Earth. and therefore, her marriage to the mayor symbolizes the joining of humans with the divine power.

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